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Select the Right Stone for Your Floor & Countertop Surfaces

Many people love the look, durability, and style of stone countertop surfaces and floors. At Sal's Marble & Granite in Jacksonville, Florida, we believe in offering you the best selection of marble and granite so you can choose the right stone for your home.

When selecting between marble and granite, sometimes the choice is difficult. Both stones have a great reputation for beauty and elegance. Each has its own texture and color variations, and each has qualities that make it appealing — but which is the right stone for your particular project? Below are some pros and cons for each stone, so you can decide which is best to ensure your next home improvement project is a success.

The Pros & Cons of Granite Stone

Granite is considered one of the best stones to use in your home. Its scratch-resistance and general durability is appealing to many homeowners who want a look that is both beautiful and long lasting. Other appealing properties of this stone include stain-resistance and a natural hardness that prevents it from easily chipping or burning.

Granite also comes in a wide variety of colors to match almost any home décor preferences. Due to its durability, the stone is ideal for countertops that see a lot of use. With regular cleaning, granite poses no sanitation or health issues, and would be safe for use in any kitchen.

As for any cons, there isn't really a bad side to using this stone in your home. With the above-mentioned properties, it is no wonder that granite is so popular among homeowners. Reach out to us with your questions about granite and your upcoming home improvement project, and we'll advise you on how to select the right piece of granite for your needs.

Granite Bathroom Countertop

The Pros & Cons for Marble Stone

Marble has been a preferred stone in many cultures for centuries. Its main appeal is its natural beauty and smoothness, which has been prized by sculptors for ages. The stone is magnificent to gaze upon, and the presence of marble floors hold a particular appeal for many home and business owners who want to evoke images of classic grace and mature style. Marble is well known for the elegance it lends to any space.

Unfortunately, unlike granite, marble is not scratch-resistant or stain-resistant. In fact, marble is very easy to scratch and stain. If you decide to use marble in your kitchen areas, then you'll want to be careful with exposure to heat as well, since this type of stone is susceptible to burns. Exposure to extreme heat can damage the allure of marble and should be considered when placing the stone in any area where cooking will occur.

The Pros & Cons of Quartz

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The Pros & Cons of Quartzite

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Black Granite Countertop

How To Choose

When it comes to using either one of these stones in your interior design ideas, there are virtually limitless possibilities. Many people love the look of these stones in their kitchens. Used for countertops, dining tables, and even living room end tables, both granite and marble can serve a variety of decorative and practical purposes. You can even use this stone on the walls, as part of a mural or easy-to-clean wall tiles, or for an elegant upgrade in your bathroom.

Wherever you choose to put them, both marble and granite can lend elegance and sophistication to any room within your home or business, with endless possibilities for how you can arrange or place them. Drop by our facility to view our wide selection of marble and granite slabs, and let your imagination run wild with the possibilities.